Sedation Dentistry for Children

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Regular dental hygiene is very important for children. When it is ignored, poor oral hygiene can have disastrous negative consequences on formative years, including low self esteem, behaviour problems, and infections that spread from baby teeth to adult teeth.

It is important that your child visits the dentist regularly, but what if they have difficulty cooperating? Sedation dentistry provides a highly effective solution. We provide general anesthesia and conscious sedation for children 2 +.


There are several reasons why sedation may be desired for your child, including:

  • Dental anxiety
  • Pronounced gag reflex
  • Allergies to local anesthesia or difficulty numbing
  • Difficulty cooperating in the dental chair
  • Desired treatment is lengthy

afraid-child-pictureDENTAL PHOBIA

It is common for children to be fearful of the dentist. This fear may have resulted from their own traumatic experience, fear of pain, or being intimidated by needles and tools often found in the office. All of these things can cause children great anxiety and lead to them to refuse to attend their check-ups. Parents don’t know what to do because they don’t want to have to force or restrain their children, but they don’t want to neglect their dental care either. Sedation dentistry solves the problem.


General anesthesia has an excellent record of safety, as has been proven by multiple scientific studies. We have regularly been providing general anesthesia services to children in Mississauga for over 15 years. Many other dental offices in Mississauga also refer children to Awake or Asleep to treat their patients under dental anesthesia sedation. At Awake or Asleep anesthesia is administered by a hospital level MD with a specialty certification in anesthesiology. Your child is monitored by the anesthesiologist throughout the entire treatment.